Clinical radiology in the NWSOR is based on the RCR radiology curriculum.

Training is tutorial and competency focused; assessed by regular work based assessments, appraisal and FRCR examinations. During the first 3 years, trainees obtain the knowledge and skills to achieve core competency to reflect a level of performance required by any radiologists performing acute imaging. In the subsequent 2 or 3 years of training a higher degree of expertise training to level 1 and 2 is obtained. Final FRCR is usually completed at the start of year 4 of training.

In addition, trainees have an annual review of competence progression (ARCP). To ensure satisfactory progression, trainees must satisfy the requirements for their eportfolio and submit the evidence requested.

For further information go to HEENW School of Radiology

ARCP Guidance

Dr Craig. Head of School. NWSOR