Annual Leave

Clinical placement. This is agreed locally by the TSTL in the relevant Radiology Departments. However you will need to inform Sam Truesdale of any Wednesday’s absences. Please try to avoid taking leave during the end of year assessments.

Academy placement: In the first instance submit your leave form to Sam Truesdale for Dr Sue Kearney to approve. A maximum of two trainees will be allowed off at any one time with a maximum of 2 weeks taken during placement period. Under exceptional circumstances this maybe relaxed. The Academy Leave form is a google form which can be found by clicking on the link at the bottom of this page.

Please complete and send to Sam Truesdale at Samantha.TRUESDALE@hee.nhs.uk. Once your leave has been approved you will need to enter it onto your ESR, which will be signed off by Sam.

Sick Leave

Clinical placement. Follow local agreements. However you will need to inform Sam Truesdale if your sick leave falls on a Wednesday.

Academy placement. We follow Lead Employer rules. You will also need to inform Sam Truesdale on the first and last day of your sickness. Sam will enter this onto ESR, which is sent off to Lead Employer. On your return from sickness you will need to complete a Return to Work form with either Dr Kearney or Dr Paravasthu – it is your responsibility to make an appointment for this.

REMEMBER your personal leave record is an ARCP requirement

All leave (annual and sick) should be added to your personal leave record (you will find a copy on the NSWOR website and in the appendix), and uploaded to Kaizen.

If you fail to attend teaching without completing the appropriate leave form or contacting Sam Truesdale to let her know why you haven’t attended, this will be recorded in your e-portfolio as ‘non-attendance without agreement’.