Online Platform and account @NWSOR

The Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent social distance restrictions is currently limiting face to face teaching to small groups. As a result the Anatomy and Physics teaching programs will move online with teaching sessions delivered through video conference. The Academy teaching program is mostly unaffected and will be delivered at the Academy. In order to make use of all the teaching facilities for both face to face and online learning you will require a @nwsor account to access the NWSOR Gsuite (google platform). Through this site you will be able to access teaching timetables, teaching material, assessments, video conference facility.

Sam Truesdale ( Academy Administrator) will set up your account. It is essential you activate this as soon as you receive the instruction to do so. Once in your account you will find various Apps; 3 are regularly used by the teaching program so it is essential you access these on a regular basis. Consider uploading the 3 Apps on to your phone.

Mail. This is you primary email contact. Any information regarding your teaching will be sent through to this address so make sure you check it on a regular basis

Calendar. The first year teaching programs are uploaded to one of 3 Calendars - Academy, Anatomy and Physics. The calendars are live and can change at one days notice, so please check regularly.

Classroom. The main method of sharing teaching material and assessments is through the Google Classroom. When you first access the calendar it is important accept as a student - NOT TUTOR. You will receive and invite into the relevant classroom once the teaching programs have started.

If you have any issues with the set up contact me or Sam Truesdale to sort.

Account Agreement. account is the property of the North West School of Radiology. You are permitted to use the account for anything related to radiology. This is not a personal account and therefore should NOT be used to upload personal material. You are also not permitted to share material from the account with anyone outside the NWSOR and under NO circumstance download mages from the account.

Account Monitoring. Please note GSuite records all your access and usage through including location of access. This information is held securely and is password protected. However administrators at NWSOR have the right to access your account and monitor usage if required.

FYI Google Agreement. When you sign in to your account you will be required to accept the google agreement. If you have issues with this contact me directly (Dr Sue Kearney) Welcome to your new account: Your account is compatible with many Google services, but your administrator decides which services you may access using your account. For tips about using your new account, visit the Google Help Center.When you use Google services, your domain administrator will have access to your account information, including any data you store with this account in Google services. You can learn more here, or by consulting your organization's privacy policy, if one exists. You can choose to maintain a separate account for your personal use of any Google services, including email. If you have multiple Google accounts, you can manage which account you use with Google services and switch between them whenever you choose. Your username and profile picture can help you ensure that you're using the intended account.If your organization provides you access to the G Suite core services, your use of those services is governed by your organization's G Suite agreement. Any other Google services your administrator enables ("Additional Services") are available to you under the Google Terms of Service and the Google Privacy Policy. Certain Additional Services may also have service-specific terms. Your use of any services your administrator allows you to access constitutes acceptance of applicable service-specific terms.Click "Accept" below to indicate that you understand this description of how your account works and agree to the Google Terms of Service and the Google Privacy Policy.