NWSOR Lecturers

Dekan Albasha

FRCR ST5 Clinical radiology with sub-specialist interest in GI imaging

Lizzie O'Mahony

'Hello, my name is Lizzie. I'm looking forward to being one of your clinical lecturers! Congratulations on making it into such an incredible specialty but now there is so much to learn. I will be going in to my ST5 year in August and my subspecialty is paediatrics. When I'm not teaching you, you will be able to find me at Alder Hey, making fresh coffee or in lycra cycling around Liverpool

Jonathan Bevan

I am one of the ST5 trainees working in the North West sector. I am passionate about medical education and am currently completing a PG Cert in Medical Education as well as undertaking a medical education fellowship through HEENW. I look forward to working at the academy and helping to develop the teaching program throughout the year!

Rebecca Hyde

Hi I’m Rebecca and I’m an ST6 in Interventional Neuroradiology. I’m from Scotland so apologies in advance for the accent but I’m sure we’ll manage! Feel free to ask me anything at anytime, there are no silly questions.

Uzoma Nnajiuba

FRCR ST5 Registrar sub-specialising in Head and Neck Imaging

Sophie Cheshire

I'm Sophie and an ST5 with a specialist interest in GI radiology but with a passion for teaching everything and anything radiology related! I have been heavily involved in the training scheme since I joined in 2016 and I am also your Lead ST for representing trainee views to the School and Deanery. I like to make my teaching sessions fun and relaxed as I know what it is like to be put in the hot seat and feel like all knowledge has escaped your brain. Always feel free to ask me any questions, no matter how silly you think they are. ST1 is a steep learning curve, but I am here to help wherever I can.

Outside of work, I am known as a bit of a social butterfly who became an expert at gin tasting over "Zoom" during lockdown.

Anubhav Datta