During your 12 months in first year you will spend 8 months in clinical placement (either continuous in a single department, or two separate 4 months periods) and 4 months at the Radiology Academy @ Edge Hill University.


Academy Trainees attend the Radiology Academy on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

The Radiology Academy is the place of work for trainees on the 4 month Academy placement. This placement takes place 4 days a week and provides a comprehensive program of education delivered by NWSOR Lecturers and Consultant Radiologists. The aim of the program is to support the development of core knowledge and reporting skills in a wide range of radiology topics. There is an emphasis on plain film interpretation and emergency cross-section reporting to ensure trainees achieve the required level of skill for responsibilities in ST2. The teaching covers a wide range of radiology combining interactive lectures with case discussion. During the placement trainees review and report radiology images, discuss findings with tutors and present cases to peers. There will be regular assessments to monitor progress.

Academy Trainees attend the online ST1 program on Wednesdays (from home).

Teaching Programs. Details are found in the specific sections. Academy Program : Anatomy Program: Physics Program

Clinical supervisor and appraisals. During the placement Dr Sue Kearney is the clinical supervisor and responsible for appraisals. The initial appraisal will take place within a few weeks of starting at the Academy. The Academy administrator is Sam Truesdale.

Work based placed assessments. The cases reviewed during this placement should be added to your logbook. During the placement you will undertake a number of formal WBPA assessments required for your e-portfolio.

Rules and Guidance. Please read Conduct and Covid Guidance in Rules and Guidance section and Complete Conduct and Covid Form below

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During your clinical placement you will spend most of your time, at least initially, shadowing senior colleagues. Ensure you make the most of this time. Seek out the opportunities available in your department to experience all aspects of radiology.

Clinical Trainees attend the online ST1 program on Wednesdays. You will be released from your department to allow you to attend these sessions which can be accessed from home.

Teaching Programs. Details are found in the specific sections. Anatomy Program: Physics Program

The aims and details of the program are outlined in the relevant sections.

Attendance at Wednesday teaching is mandatory throughout the year and takes priority over your clinical placement. You are required to complete an attendance form. If you cannot attend through annual or sick leave you must inform Sam Truesdale. See section on leave

If the teaching is cancelled for what every reason, or there is a gap in the program you are required to return to your clinical placement.