NW Radiology Academy



In 2019 NWSOR developed a partnership with the Medical School at Edge Hill University and opened the Radiology Academy in the Skills and Simulation Centre at the University. The Academy is the location for a four month placement in year 1 providing a comprehensive educational program in core radiology and US training.

The Academy provides radiology teaching for EHU students at the Medical School plus teaching for students on the Physicians Associate, Nursing and Paramedics Science programs. The Academy also hosts the 16 week CXR course in Advanced Practice for reporting radiographers.

The educational programs are delivered by NWSOR Lecturers and Consultant Radiologists from across the region.

The Academy is equipped with multiple IMAC computers each uploaded with Osirix DICOM viewing software and access to a large image database. The computers are networked to facilitate the fast transfer of radiology images and enable screen share between tutor and trainees.

The Academy has access to an Ultrasound facility in the Skills centre equipped with US machines and simulation models to support the development of US skills.