CONDUCT (at the Academy and virtually)

Punctuality. Whether you are attending a session in person or virtually via video conference you are expected to arrive at the specified time. In general the working day will start at 9:00; please be punctual and do not leave early unless you have a valid reason and have discussed this with the tutor beforehand.

Attendance Record. Please ensure you record your attendance whether you are attending the Academy in person or virtually. When at the Academy scan the QR code on arrival. You will find a copy of the QR code by one of the two entrances to the room. If you are attending a session online you will find the QR code in the google classroom.

Phones: Please take any calls outside and please DO NOT use the computer USB ports to charge your phones. We also ask that you put your cell phone on vibrate mode and please do not message or access social media at any time during the sessions.

Food and Drink. There is a strict NO food or drink policy in the IMAC room other than water in a suitable bottle.

Kindly handle all equipment with respect. Before leaving the lab, users must close all programs and last person out must ensure the main door is secure and locked.

DO NOT leave your personal belongings at the computer. The academy is not responsible for items left behind.


At the Academy. The use of the IMAC computers and internet access is for education and study purposes only. You are not permitted to access websites for personal use. You are not permitted to copy or download material from the computers unless specifically agreed with the supervising tutor. You are not permitted to download or share images from the radiology databases. You are not permitted to install unauthorised software on the IMACs. All computer and internet access is recorded and maybe monitored.

NWSOR Account. When you start at NWSOR you will be given a account. For further details regarding this account go to account. The account is the property of the North West School of Radiology. The account is for educational and study purposes only. This is not a personal account and therefore should NOT be used to upload personal material. You are also not permitted to share material from the account with anyone outside the NWSOR and under NO circumstance download images from the account. All access and use of NWSOR accounts including locations is recorded through the Gsuite. This information is held securely and is password protected and cannot be accessed by standard users. However administrators at NWSOR have the right to access your account and monitor usage if required.

Breach of any of these rules may result is disciplinary measures.