Covid-19 Guidance

Radiology Trainees only have access to the Radiology Academy which is located on the second floor. You must not use or enter any other room (other than toilets!)

Do Not Attend Teaching

  • If you have any symptoms associated with Covid-19 or are self-isolating. Please inform Sam Truesdale and arrange PCR

  • If you are aware that you have been in contact with someone who has symptoms. Please inform Sam Truesdale and arrange PCR

  • If you have been working in clinical settings and have come across individuals presenting with symptoms of Covid-19 and you were not wearing appropriate PPE at the time. Please inform Sam Truesdale and arrange PCR

  • If you are awaiting the results of a PCR test. Please inform Sam Truesdale.

If you are currently working in a local hospital please avoid wearing any part of your NHS uniform including footwear. If you have your own face covering/face mask and wish to wear it, you may do so.

No food or drink can be brought into the centre apart from bottled water. If you are staying in the Centre for a period of more than 4 hours please return to your car to eat or eat outside. The pantry area on the top floor is not to be used.

On arrival at the CSSC please enter via the main door (nearest the main part of the University, not the door near the FHSCM building). Adhere to the social distancing guidelines and signage and when permitted report to the help desk where you will be directed to the washroom on the ground floor to wash your hands. Please wait to allow anyone to exit the washroom before entering.

Throughout your time in the CSSC please adhere to social distancing and avoid congregating with others. If social distancing cannot be maintained PPE should be worn.

Please avoid wandering around the centre and instead follow the one way signage. If for any reason someone is passing you on the stairs in the opposite direction please wait in the landing areas to allow them to pass.

Where possible use the stairs instead of the lift. If it is necessary to use the lift only one person at a time can use it.

On leaving the iMAC room at the end of the of the day please ensure you wipe down the work surface, keyboard, mouse and chair you have been using. Last person out of the iMAC room is to wipe down door handles.

On leaving the building please follow the one way exit signage and wash your hands prior to leaving the building. Use the disposable hand towels and ensure that any used ones are placed into the disposable bin. Do not allow the bin to overflow.

If you start to feel unwell with Covid-19 symptoms please inform your tutor and immediately leave the building.

Should the fire alarm go off please follow instructions and exit the building.

Helen Henderson Head of Skill and Simulation Eduction. Edge Hill University

Breach of any of these rules may result is disciplinary measures.

Dr Sue Kearney Consultant Radiologist. NWSOR