Rules and Guidance

When at the Academy please remember this is your place of work and is covered by the same rules and governance as a hospital placement. You are an NHS employee and a member of the GMC and your behaviour and conduct should reflect this. We realise the Academy placement is a very different situation compared to a clinical setting, however it is essential that you treat the time at the Academy with the same professionalism as you would any other clinical department. Whether at the Academy or working online from home, you should attend sessions on time and not leave early unless with prior agreement with either myself or the tutor responsible for the teaching session. Attendance recording is mandatory for all teaching including online and face to face. All attendance is monitored.

Trainees on the Academy Placement are able to access the iMAC room on the understanding that Covid-19 Guidance issued by the Clinical Skills and Simulation Centre (CSSC) is followed at all times. All users of the IMAC must read the Covid 19 guidance and complete the agreement form prior to use of the room. Failure to abide by these rules risks suspension of access and may result in disciplinary action.

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