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Trainees are supported in preparing for the FRCR Physics exam through lectures and tutorials with Medical Physics experts from Christie Medical Physics and Engineering, and senior radiographers and sonographers from around the region. The sessions begin with a review of the physics that underpins medical imaging in general before moving on to the specifics of MR, X-ray, CT, Ultrasound and Nuclear Medicine relevant to the syllabus, in the context of current practice. Lectures are followed by two full days of revision sessions, tailored to the needs of the trainees, one before and one after the mock exam. In addition, three sessions on the practical use of X-ray, CT and radiation protection, Ultrasound, and MR are provided to demonstrate how the physics covered in the lectures influences how images are acquired for a variety of clinical applications.

Access to online teaching

In order to access the Physics Course you will need to activate your NWSOR account.

Teaching is delivered using the Physics Classroom link below. You will find uploaded material in the classroom and the video conference link. You can also connect directly to the classroom VC by the Meet Link. Please not this is a different Classroom and Meet link to Anatomy and Academy.


You are required to complete the relevant attendance form for each teaching session you attend: this includes both online and face to face teaching. You can access these forms by using the link or a QR code as shown below. At the Academy you will find the codes by the entrance to the iMAC room.

It is your responsibility to ensure you have completed attendance for morning and afternoon sessions.

Note that your Wednesday Teaching Attendance is required for ARCP at the end of the year.

PLEASE REMEMBER THIS IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY! - The school will not provide this evidence for you.


Please complete feedback form as soon as possible. The form will be sent after each session.


Farr’s physics for medical imaging – Gold standard text for exam.

Review of radiologic physics (Huda) – Much easier to read than Farr’s!

Tony’s notes: excellent notes written by one of the physics tutors in the past. Ask a ST2 colleague for them.

Radiology café physics book – free online – particularly good for explaining the complex topics

BMJ on examination question bank

MCQs for the first FRCR (Oxford) – when you spot the mistakes then you’re ready for the exam.

Get Through First FRCR (Mair et al)