Ultrasound Training

The NWSOR USS training program extends over 2 years and is a combination of practical experience (during clinical/academy placements), tutorials and assessments. The aim of the program is to ensure the trainee develops the required skills and knowledge to achieve the necessary core competences in US as outlined in the RCR curriculum.

The program includes two ultrasound study days; the 1st at the beginning of ST1 as an introduction to USS and the 2nd at the beginning of ST2 year to consolidate the training from the previous year, and prepare for basic US scanning required for on-call.

During your Academy rotation you will have a weekly ultrasound session with either Dr Gagan Thind (Ultrasound Lead) or Mathew Ragel (Consultant Sonographer) which takes place in the state of art Ultrasound Cave in the Clinical Skills & Simulation Centre. There are strict rules you will need to follow whilst using the equipment:

Over the 2 years the trainee will be expected to achieve core competences in various areas of scanning and will be required to demonstrate evidence through DOPs and the log book. At the end of ST2 there will an USS assessment which will consist of an image based written paper and summative assessment to demonstrate the trainees ability to perform basic USS procedures independently.

The program and training will be discussed and explained in more detail at the US introductory day (Date to be Confirmed)

Dr Gagan Thind

Ultrasound Lead

Matthew Ragel


Professor Julie Bridson