Anatomy Teaching will be online. The anatomy is split into 3-week blocks according to body areas.   At the end of each of block you will have an assessment in the topics covered in the preceding weeks. The assessments follow a similar format to the FRCR exam. After the FRCR Part 1a, all ST1 teaching sessions will run via the Anatomy calendar/classroom.

Access to online teaching 

In order to access the Anatomy course you will need to activate your NWSOR account

Teaching is delivered using the Anatomy Classroom link below. You will find uploaded material and the online teaching link to enter the classroom 'Meet'.


Weir & Abrahams’ Imaging Atlas of Human Anatomy - good starting point with format similar to exam. These are generally easier than what is seen in the exam

First FRCR Anatomy (Curtis & Shaikh)

Radiology café – many past papers and normal variant examples

First FRCR Anatomy (Curtis & Shaikh)


You have 1 year free access to IAMIOS  online e-anatomy. Your personal account will be set up by the Radiology Academy Officer at the beginning of ST1. 



you will need to register for the site via this link  visit the site for further details on sign up.