An Annual Review of Competence (ARCP) is an annual process for assessing training progression against the Royal College of Radiologists (RCR) Curriculum. Every trainee will have at least one ARCP per training year. Trainees LTFT, or out of sync may be invited to another panel at critical progression points in training.

You may also wish to review the policy & procedures set by NHSE around ARCP including appeals process Policies & Procedures | Health Education North West (

Further to the Autumn School Board 2023, having acknowledged the opinions of members of the board and feedback received from radiology PGDiTs , there will be no change in the ARCP requirements until the next review . 

All PGDiTs should continue to take responsibility of their individual portfolios in demonstrating evidence at all required levels for their stage of training .  This will be reviewed and assessed closely at ARCP.

RISR Zip Folder Guidance

YouTube video which explains the ARCP process and how to zip file on Kaizen/RISR
Created by Dr Alistair Craig (Former Head of School)

ARCP Documents

All ARCP templates are available to NWSOR trainees. Please log in via your NWSOR Account to access the ARCP Google Drive

Form R is a key revalidation document required for each ARCP - this is now managed on the Trainee Information System (TIS) Self Service function: 

Teaching/Reflective Practice

A new item for ARCP is a reflection/teaching diary. Trainees are asked to complete 1 reflection piece every month, based on a teaching session they have attended. You can upload this onto the reflection section on RISR/Kaizen. Please upload this onto your e-portfolio for ARCP. 

Reflection can be on teaching you have attended, articles read, on-line webinars or lectures they have watched. It could be related to an interesting case you have encountered (but full anonymisation must be adhered to). 

ST2 Trainees:


ST2 trainees are expected to complete 1 piece of reflection each month. When in the ST2 Academy they are expected to complete 2 additional reflection pieces within the 3 month placement. Your diary will be reviewed at the Academy. 

ST3 Trainees:


ST3 trainees are expected to complete 1 reflection each month and attend whole year group teaching and FRCR2A teaching sessions. Completing the teaching diary to mark attendance or missed days helps log attendance on the programmes. 

ST4 Trainees:


Teaching organised for ST4 trainees will be FRCR 2B exam focused teaching. 

RISR Portfolio & RCR

The RCR manages RISR/Advance (Kaizen) and the platform. The School is unable to add placements, supervisors or information to the system. Each trainee is responsible for registering and maintaining their ePortfolio. 

The Programme Support Team only has access to add ARCP outcome information, and can view entries and information detailed.

When completing any Educational Supervisor Reports please ensure that the correct curriculum form has been selected and completed which clearly outlines CiP levels. Before submission, please check the CiP levels for your stage of training and you agree with the levels being confirmed in your ESSR. This is a core document that guides the ARCP panel to award an outcome. 

For support or training guides, please visit 

Spring/Finals Panel

23 May 2024 

31 May 2024 (Feedback/Educational Reviews)

Summer Panels (Main)

Tuesday 2 July 2024

Thursday 4 July 2024

18 July 2024 (Feedback panel)

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