Annual Leave 

Clinical placement: This is agreed locally by the TSTL in the relevant Radiology Departments. However you will need to inform the Radiology Academy team of any absences on teaching days. Please try to avoid taking leave during the end of year assessments & around ARCPs.

Academy placement:   In the first instance submit your leave request via this form 'Annual leave request  for the Academy TSTL to approve. A maximum of three trainees will be allowed off at any one time with a maximum of 2 weeks taken during placement period. Under exceptional circumstances this maybe relaxed. Please note annual leave requests must be submitted by completing the form.  If you do not get confirmation within 72 hours please email radiologyacademy.nw@hee.nhs.uk 

Once your leave has been approved you will need to enter it onto your ESR, which will be signed off by the Academy Officer. It is a personal responsibility to manage leave on the ESR system in all of your placements. 

Sick Leave 

Clinical placement: Follow local agreements for notification and to ensure this is recorded on ESR. However you will need to inform the Radiology Academy team if your sick leave falls on teaching days. If you need ongoing support such as occupational health or access to Health, Work & Wellbeing Service your local TSTL must do this through the Lead Employer not the local Trust so that your information transfers with you to your next placement. 

Academy placement: You will need to inform the Academy Officer for your placement on the first and last day of your sickness via emailing the generic inbox. In first instance please complete Sickness & Absence to allow the team to enter details onto ESR, which is received to the Lead Employer.  On your return from sickness you will need to complete a Return to Work form with your Academy TSTL – it is your responsibility to make an appointment for this. This is an opportunity to discuss any support you may need, ongoing adjustments or support with referral to occupational health. 

REMEMBER your personal leave record is an ARCP requirement. All leave (annual and sick) should be added to your personal leave record (you will find a copy on the ARCP section of the webpages), and uploaded to Kaizen.

If you fail to attend teaching without completing the appropriate notification or leave form or contacting the Academy Officer, this will be recorded as ‘non-attendance without agreement’, and may be escalated to the Lead Employer HR Case Manager. 

Parental/Adoption Leave 

If you are expecting a new addition to your family, then you will need to liaise with the Lead Employer to process your application for the appropriate leave type. If you are an expectant mother, then you will need a workplace/risk assessment to ensure your supported during your pregnancy. If you are in the Academy during this time then this should be arranged with the Academy TSTL, who can support any appropriate adjustments. Time off for antenatal appointments need to be notified in advance to the Radiology Academy team, but will be accommodated to support you to attend. 

New Parent Support can be found here: https://leademployer.sthk.nhs.uk/policies-and-forms?policy=14 

All policies and application of special leave categories such as caring or bereavement leave applicable to trainees are accessed via the Lead Employer - St Helens & Knowsley and information can be found here: https://leademployer.sthk.nhs.uk/