@NWSOR Accounts

In order to make use of all the teaching facilities for both face to face and online learning you will require a @nwsor account to access the NWSOR Google for Education platform. Through this site you will be able to access teaching timetables, teaching material, assessments, online meeting facility. 

Once in your account you will find various Apps; 3 are regularly used by the teaching program so it is essential you access these on a regular basis. Consider uploading the 3 Apps on to your phone.

Mail: This is you primary email contact. Any information regarding your teaching will be sent through to this address so make sure you check it on a regular basis. You can set up a permission to divert emails to your preferred email (personal/work) so you don't miss notifications.

Calendar:  All of the Academy and teaching programmes are detailed via a live calendar within Google. This will detail if teaching is face to face and the location, or if it is online. Occasionally teaching may be rescheduled or cancelled, and this will be labelled on the calendar. Please check your teaching calendars regularly for any changes. 

Classroom: The main method of sharing teaching material and assessments is through the Google Classroom. You will receive and invite into the relevant classroom once the teaching programmes have started and you need to accept to be able to access all the material.  

If you have any issues with your account or need a password reset please email Radiologyacademy.nw@hee.nhs.uk  

Account Agreement: yourname@nwsor.co.uk account is the property of the North West School of Radiology. You are permitted to use the account for anything related to radiology. This is not a personal account and therefore should NOT be used to upload personal material. You are also not permitted to share material from the account with anyone outside the NWSOR and under NO circumstance download images from the account. 

Account Monitoring: Please note Google records all your access and usage through yourname@nwsor.co.uk including location of access. This information is held securely and is password protected. However administrators at NWSOR have the right to access your account and monitor usage if required. 

It is important you have read and agreed to the Code of Conduct

Useful Guides & Docs

Using your NWSOR Log in you can access useful Standard Operating Processes (SOPs)